● Paula Cortazar – Solo

Paula Cortazar’s Solo Exhibition in Brussels Unveils Nature’s Hidden Patterns

Renowned young emerging Mexican artist Paula Cortazar is set to make her debut in Brussels with a solo exhibition that delves into the captivating world of hidden patterns found in nature. The exhibition will showcases Paula Cortazar’s unique artistic approach, where she skilfully translates the enigmatic patterns of trees, rivers and landscape into mesmerising stone pieces through drawing and carving.

Patterns play a fundamental role in our perception of the world around us, bringing a sense of comfort and familiarity to our senses. They enable us to make sense of the intricate living structures, lines, and shapes that envelop us. Drawing inspiration from the complex yet harmonious patterns in nature, Paula Cortazar’s artistic journey is a quest to unravel the mystique and beauty of these underlying formations.

By employing her meticulous drawing and carving techniques on stone, Cortazar masterfully captures the essence of nature’s hidden patterns. Each repeated action on the stone gives rise to an organically shaped piece, unveiling the intricate connections between nature’s diverse elements. Like a skilled sculptor, Cortazar’s creative process reminds us that every piece she crafts is an integral part of the whole, much like a small fraction of a majestic mountain surrounding her Monterrey Studio,

Oct – November 2025

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