Je t’aime

Private View 4th JUNE 2009 6-9pm

Exhibition runs Jun 5 – Jul 6, 2009
P.E.G, 108 Leonard Street, London, EC2A 4XS

Gallery Nosco are proud to present JE T’AIME – an exciting exhibition of important new works from five emerging French artists; Dran, Bom.K, Remy Uno, Jaw and Heng.

Using a mixture of sculpture, installation, painting and drawings, the artists transform the gallery and engage with the viewer in an interactive assault on the senses. They flirt with political satire, they juxtapose delicately intricate yet disturbingly graphic pornography, in essence they succeed in roughly seducing the viewer with their vision of an increasing darkly humorous reality.

In contrast with the typical politically based critique of contemporary arts engagement, JE T’AIME launches a sophisticated attack from a refined angle; its soft yet forceful blows resonating it’s relentless message, engaging the audience by playing with a mixture of media to create a full on sensual experience and other world.