Andrew Orloski – Bounty Hunter

Andrew Orloski // Bounty Hunter

We are happy to announce the first solo exhibition of Andrew Orloski in the EU.

Following his gallery residency in Brussels and on-site fabrication, Andrew Orloski presents a sculptural installation that challenges our assumptions about the disposability of everyday objects.

By transforming the humble kitchen paper roll into a vessel of transcendence, Orloski fills the gallery with hundreds of vividly bright white, solid cast plaster replicas that invite viewers to contemplate the boundaries between the fleeting and the everlasting. Despite their industrial material, these subtle and delicate forms highlight the paradox of fragility and strength. The use of plaster, a material traditionally associated with classical sculpture, evokes a sense of timelessness and endurance that further emphasizes the installation’s ability to transcend the mundane. Orloski’s fascination with transformation and translation enables him to reveal the hidden meanings and stories that reside within the material world. His work imbues contemporary objects with a sense of timelessness and reverence, reminding us of the beauty and value that can be found in the most ordinary things and the potential these objects have within them.

As an added dimension to the installation, the exhibition is a treasure hunt at single plaster piece from the site specific installation randomly marked with a symbol on the bottom. By “Bounty Hunting” this marked piece, collectors have the opportunity to “hunt” for a rare unique black patinated cast bronze copy. The installation utilizes an edition of 200 cast plaster pieces produced in Brussels. Each online purchase ll be randomly chosen while visitors will be able to do so physically. ( Purchase link)

Meet the California-based artist at the gallery for the opening reception on June 10th, 2023. The exhibition runs until July 29th