French Kiss – Hong Kong

Artists: Michael Viviani, Dran, Bom.K, Brusk and Jaw

May 7th, 2010 – June 3rd, 2010
No Borders Gallery, Hong Kong
39 Aberdeen St, (Staunton St), Soho
Hong Kong

Participating in this year’s Le French May Arts Festival, “French Kiss” distills our love and dark affection as city dwellers for our surroundings – hard as it is to embrace something that doesn’t hesitate to chew us up and spit us out. How universal is the persona of a city?

Assumptions and generalities are where we humans usually fall flat on our faces. Five world renown French and street artists: Bom.K, Dran, Brusk, JAW and Michael Viviani explore the essence of what it is to be urbanites. Their works focus on the streets that we walk in, the subway trains we ride, the lopsided dumpsters, and the people we meet and interact with. It is to harness the bleak and the sublime of life that flourishes in these artist’s works.

Through their art they address the state of urban life and perceptions therein; and in examining their works, we will fall in love with them as well because how often do we encounter the same sentiments so vividly rendered by a total stranger? Beauty and despair all wrapped up into a single language we can understand- emotion and art.