Convergent Acts – Brussels

Convergent Acts

Curated by Omar Lopez-Chaoud

08th September – 30th October

Convergent Acts is the closure event of Bubble’n’Squeak, the pop up curatorial space.

Bubble’n’Squeak, from March 2021, presented in its Brussels space 6 international exhibitions, and more then 40 artists from all around the world.

Convergent Acts is a group exhibition that brings together eleven artists from nine different countries, most of whom are based in Europe. Steeped in material traditions and the poetics of the ephemeral, the wide range of works in this exhibition — from video installations to photography, drawings, paintings and sculptures — set a scenario that allows the artists to confront global issues such as migration, gender, race, the natural environment, and social inequality. The artists reflect upon their experiences to speak to the construction of cultural identity, their decisions, and the place they now inhabit in their lives.

Convergent Acts presents intentional processes that serve as a metaphor to the way we live, and exist at a crossroads in the hope of a better world.

Participating artists:

Yevgeniya Baras (1981, Russia)
Minia Biabiany (1988, Guadeloupe)
Luka Cvetkovic (1995, Serbia)
Teresa Lanceta (1955, Spain)
José Luis Martinat (1974, Peru)
Mariana Murcia (1988, Colombia)
Oswald Oberhuber (1931 – 2020, Austria/Germany)
Daniel Otero Torres (1985, Colombia)
Fernando Marques Penteado (1955, Brazil)
Santiago Pinyol (1982, Colombia)
Studio Lenca (1986, El Salvador)