Alex Hoda, Mundhöhe (Mouth Level)

Building Bridges – Buenos Aires

Gallery Nosco presents:
Charlotte Charbonnel – Hernán Soriano – Ibrahim Ahmed III
Paul Hazelton –  Marcelo Jàcome – Alexander Hoda
José Luis Landet – Micah Shippa – Luis Terán and
Camilla Emson (artist in residence)
Opening reception: 15th March 2013 at 18.00
Exhibition: 15th March – 26th April 2013
Fundacion Rozenblum
BSM Art Building
Boulogne Sur Mer 345
Buenos Aires
Gallery Nosco in conjunction with BSM Art Building – Fundación Rozenblum is proud to have developed “Building Bridges” / Construyendo Puentes” an exhibition at BSM Art Building- Fundación Rozenblum, in Buenos Aires. Artists spanning from the US, France, UK, Brazil, Kuwait and Argentina are invited to present their different disciplines with the aim of this innovative cohesion of artistic enterprise being the enhancement of international dialogues between differing cultural entities and artistic practices.
A key component of the exhibition encircles the interwoven concepts of cultural exchange, collaboration and international fusion of new artistic expressions, with the final outcome crystallising a contribution towards the continued development of the arts. In today’s diverse global society it is important to celebrate and explore artistic expressions and practices that are geographically distant. This exhibition is relevant because it is vital for art to be circulated globally to ensure that artists and audiences keep pushing boundaries. It is imperative for all of us to continue to be challenged. And it is necessary for the artists to keep circulating, and for their works to engage different responses.
Gallery Nosco is dedicated to celebrating diverse artistic cultures and perceives this exhibition as an ideal opportunity for cross-fertilisation between Western and Latin American artists. Transporting ideas and artists across the world is an excellent medium for creating dialogue with our Latin American peers.
Artists have been carefully selected to exhibit within the 2013 program and incorporates those that are not only significant within their sphere but also strongly correlate with the ethos of BSM Art-Building- Fundación Rozenblum.
The Argentinian artists selected, José Luis Landet, Luis Terán, Hernán Soriano are all receiving an exciting response from the South American audience. We are suggesting in addition an emerging British-based artist, Paul Hazelton, whose utilisation of diverse artistic mediums has inspired innovative use of materials. Similarly Charlotte Charbonnel’s dynamic and visual sound piece has been incorporated into the exhibit to enhance dialogue surrounding artistic materials and mediums.
Alex Hoda’s sculpture will also form an exciting component of the exhibit; his latest marble sculpture will provide an additional layer to the multi-faceted collage the exhibition is aiming to achieve. By introducing artworks from Camilla Emson, whose work probes the impact making contact with the physical world has, to Ibrahim Ahmed’s vibrant pieces on culture clash, a more profound discussion of disapora, fluctuating relationships and contact with the ‘other’ can be formulated.
This is an unrivalled opportunity to capitalise on the freedoms our diverse and modern society enjoys whilst also celebrating the cultural and artistic differences that are key components of our individuality. Gallery Nosco strongly believes the exhibition will prove to be a success that cements strong foundations for more fluid dialogue between differing cultures or artistic practices.
By Angharad Atac