Marcelo Moscheta – Mise en Abyme

Marcelo Moscheta // Mise en Abyme
20 April – 3rd June 2023

Opening reception 19th April 2023

Show Preview Here

We are happy to announce the forthcoming first solo exhibition of Marcelo Moscheta with the gallery in our Sablon’ space during ArtBrussels called ‘Mise en Abyme’

Marcelo Moscheta challenges our perception and questions our relationship with nature through various media such as installation, sculpture, drawing and collage. Anchored in a conceptual approach, the artist is inspired by the remote places he surveys and addresses the issue of displacement, territory and memory. He collects elements and images on site and re-appropriates this material through drawing, photography and creation of installations.

Mise en abyme’ echoes the Renaissance process of representing a work within a work, and Marcelo Moscheta plays with the codes of representation by offering us a total work which is declined on several dimensions. Mirroring the reality of the environment that surrounds us, the artist like an archaeologist, leads us to rethink the landscapes, familiar or not, and the memories that persist.

The exhibition includes the collage series ‘Terrain Vague’, in which he re-uses old postcards that crystallise the memory of a place and an era. Drawing ‘Mise en Abyme’ made with graphite on black pvc which reflect the light and play with the concept of mise en abyme. Here the material becomes a mirror and the drawing, depending on the angle of view, appears and reinvents itself before our eyes. One never ceases to wonder about the creative process as much as about the territory, both familiar and distant, created by Marcelo Moscheta. The work ‘Trauma’, made of stones collected in the Trebbia valley, calls for the re-signification of objects, here the shattered stone becomes a memory that materializes the traces of a heavy past. It is through the subtle evocation of memory that the artist takes us into another space-time that makes us travel in the memories of places and images, where humans plays the role of actor. ‘A Line in the Arctic’ are a series of unique photographs made in the Arctic Pole where a colored line made with adhesive tape was placed on the ground trying to follow the exact parallel and meridian lines of North, South, East and West. But the GPS signal often failing for unknown reasons caused a doubt about the precision of the action defining our failed attempts to measure and grid the world with certain parameters which most of times seems so displaced from the reality and characteristics of the landscape.

Notable collections: The Clinic | USA – New-York Public Library | USA –  Jameel Art Center | Dubai – El Museo Del Barrio | New York – The Deutsche Bank | New York – Lhoist Collection | Brussels – Musée D’art Moderne Et D’art Contemporaine | Liége – Kunstpatrimonium – Patrimoine Artistique – Art Collection | Brussels…