Théo Ouaki

Théo Ouaki, Marseille, 1989.
Ouaki lives and works in Marseille. Graduated in 2015 from les Beaux Arts in Marseille.
Blasted with color, Théo OUAKI’s works act as tragicomic mirrors of our atrophied society. In perpetual rewriting, his works are constructed by covering, stacking and accident, in an approach inspired by art brut and Punk.
Théo OUAKI draws inspiration in turn from everyday life, travels and the observation of his fellow human beings to deliver ceramics that act like palettes made, beyond colors, of fragments of stories and influences. The artist creates a connection between the image, the story and the critical gaze of each and integrates colorful emotions that give his works a character halfway between figuration and abstraction.
History, spirituality, beliefs and current affairs find their place in creations symptomatic of today’s social landscape which are part of a global and contemporary reflection on the state of the world. Against a background of humorous skepticism, Théo OUAKI delivers imaginary narratives through which everyone can perceive different elements and carry out their own reading. The artist diverts codes, combines disparate patterns that give his work a hybrid identity.