Marin Kasimir

Marin Kasimir was born in 1957 in Munich, studies at the Académie des Beaux-Arts, lives and works in Brussels.

‘Rue descendant l’Escalier’ is a proposal for an éphémère work and in situ for a vitrine without other access that after the street: it is in the public space.
The proportions of this vitrine in depth which is like a large luminous caisson or an aquarium are also important in the dénivellation, descent, of the rue Lebeau and the exhibition in the gallery in cours.
The carbon paper in 4 colors has more materials than tools and tools in the other months on walls and paper. Certains en ont quand même gardé les traces et la mémoire. The formats of A3 and A2 are alternate, the colors create the stairs, and the space between the bands of colors is a line of work Blue on the Jaune of Daniel Buren.