Manon Steyaert

Manon Steyaert, a French-British artist born in 1996 based in London, blurs the line between painting and sculpture. Her practice explores silicone’s aesthetic quality, alongside canvas, wood, metal, and scrim, drawing from architecture and painting. Steyaert’s creative process is intuitive, pouring and shaping silicone meticulously. The resulting delicate yet powerful forms challenge our perception of painting and sculpture, capturing movement and abstraction.

Color and form play closely in her work, guiding the viewer’s eye across undulating surfaces. She blends colors to create near-psychedelic patterns, occasionally incorporating metallic pigments for added intrigue. Steyaert’s art encourages alternative perspectives and interpretations, evading traditional boundaries of painting and sculpture. It embodies the transgressive nature of contemporary artistic expression, an ever-evolving practice inviting curiosity and contemplation.