Aria XYX

Aria XYX, El Salvador, 1995.
Aria’s work addresses the construction of masculinity in El Salvador and Latin America through gender roles.

Making use of the mooring dolls as an approach to popular practices to retain the body and emotions of another person, as a desperate measure and/or tax, product of affective deficiencies, the series is made up of 27 pieces that refer to to the same number of people with whom the artist have had some sort of relationships.
Out of them, some of have been lovers, others whim whom he had an affective ties, or simply wish that remains as such.
Affective deficiencies, dynamics of power, owning, dominating and being dominated are subject the artist is addressing bringing awareness on how the body mass is nothing less than a productive tool in our today society forgetting emotions, feelings and all senses of the human.

He undertakes a process of introspection that questions the dynamics of power and possession in emotional relationships.