Andrew Orloski

Andrew Orloski (b. 1986)
“My current work explores notions of monumentalism and banality with an inquisitive look at mundane, often overlooked objects we surround ourselves with daily. My process utilizes a variety of traditional and contemporary mold making techniques, which aid in the transformation of objects through materiality. I am especially engaged in creating work that crafts narratives between the ephemeral and permanent. Industrial materials such as metals, glass, concrete and gypsum are essential to my process because of their deep roots in history and economy and can be cast, fabricated, welded and modified to allow weight and balance to work as subject matter”.

2022 – MFA, Studio Art. School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Chicago, IL (expected)
2011 – Post-Baccalaureate. Virginia Commonwealth University. Richmond, VA
2010 – BFA, Sculpture. Millersville University. Millersville, PA
Solo Show
2016 – “What Goes Up”, Smith Gallery, Grinnell, IA
2011 – “Dasein”, Fab Gallery. Richmond, VA
2010 – “Connections”, Swift Gallery. Millersville, PA
Group Exhibitions
2021 – “The Little Thing That Counts”, Gallery Nosco, BXL, Belgium
2021 – “Made In California”, Brea Gallery. Brea, CA
2021 – “Radiance of Imagination / 在想象中闪烁”, Sculptors Alliance. New York, NY
2020 – “⾮⼈⼒可为 / Beyond Human Power”, Independent & Image Gallery. Chongqing, China
2020 – “Abstract Art Today”, Bougie Gallery. Toronto, Canada
2020 – “Pandemical”, Center for Arts and Creativity. Fresno, CA
2019 – “Vision 20/20”, M Street Gallery. Fresno, CA
2018 – “Water”, M Street Gallery. Fresno, CA
2018 – “Faculty Works”, Conley Gallery. Fresno, CA
2017 – “Intimate Space”, M Street Gallery. Fresno, CA
2016 – “ Faculty Works”, M Street Gallery. Fresno, CA
2016 – “Studio Art Faculty In Process”, Grinnell Art Museum. Grinnell, IA
2014 – “The Standing Reserve”, Jewett Gallery. Wellesley, MA
2011 – “Between the Eyes”, Fab Gallery. Richmond, VA
2011 – “SSP @ VCU”, Fab Gallery. Richmond, VA.
2010 – “Emerging Artists”, Painted Desert. Lancaster, PA
2010 – “Authenticity”, Ganser Gallery. Millersville, PA
2021 – “Artists to Watch” VAST Contemporary Art Magazine 02
2021 – “Artist of the Month” – Art Jobs International
2020 – “Artist Interview – Andrew Orloski” – Independent & Image. Chongqing, China
2020 – “ESC — WAVE #2030, AW (1646 + VVOVVA), Netherlands
2020 – “Abstract Art Today” (Cover). Bougie Gallery, Toronto, CA
2016 – “Faculty Artists”. Grinnell Art Museum, Grinnell, IA.