Andrew Orloski – Drinking Of You


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Artist: Andrew Orloski

Title: Short Order Artifact #1- Drinking Of You

Edition: 15 Pairs

Medium: Plaster and Glass

Size: 10 x 10 x 2 cm each

Date: 2022

Detail: Signed, numbered and dated

Description: Instigated by the peculiar, mass produced objects destined and designed to be nothing less than disposed of and discarded; Andrew is influenced by the senseless, almost idiotic phrases found written on McD…..’s fast food drink lids.
Made permanent by a process of cast glass and plaster, these artifacts yearn for new narrative in a material not their own and a gentle reminder that their banality is with us forever.

“Drinking of You” is the first iteration in an ongoing series, with other phrases and pieces coming later in the year.

Part of the proceedings will contribute to helping recent refugees crisis linked to the Eastern European’s conflict.

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