Following out recent collaboration we are very please to share Tulio's next solo show at Baró Galeria in Sao Paulo. Opening 27th of April 11am - 6pm Exhibition: 27 of April - 25th of May Further detail: Baró Galeria   Ground, Tulio Pinto’s 9th solo exhibition, invites for an experience in which gravity is interrupted. The sculptor assembles materials of opponent natures to build up instants of unlikely balance. Density and weight come across lightness and fragility in almost abrupt encounters, generating instants of unexpected harmony.   In six new pieces, materials such as steel, glass, sand and granite are combined in different ways, so that a crescent tension is constantly present. The equation allows for an immersion within a zone of imminence, in which fragments of evident conflict are frozen. “These conflicts are accessed based on the observer’s personal experience”, says the artist.   Glass, present in nearly all new artworks, gives an outstanding component of lightness to the pieces. “Transparency permits that anything appears lighter than it is”, describes Tulio, who applies glass to create “invisible basis” in the new artworks, removing a dimension from them and therefore broadening the senses perception.   Pieces made with artisanal glass that compose the series Cumplicidade # 2 have been produced in a traditional factory of Sao Paulo just before it definitely closed its doors. “It is interesting that this pieces were the last activity to happen in a place with more than a century of history and therefore they carry not only the poetics of the artwork but also the history of this place”, he observes.   On at Baró Gallery until May, Ground is a metaphor of relationships, carefully built up by Tulio Pinto. This year, the artist also participates of project CEP - Corpo, Espaço e Percurso (Funarte) in the Estate of Rio Grande do Norte in May, and in July he does exhibits in Santander Cultural in Porto Alegre, with curatorship by Clarissa Diniz. During August, September and October, he takes part in the residency programme of EAC (Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo) in Montevideo.