Ibrahim Ahmed - Ard El Lewa #20, Mixed Media on Fabric, 2016

Volta New York

Presentation with IBRAHIM AHMED (Kuwait)

Booth VII
March 2nd – March 6th
Debut curated section by Derrick Adams
New York-based multidisciplinary artist Derrick Adams commands the helm for this new project, assembling eight emerging and under-the-radar artists across diverse media under his thematic exhibition “Something I Can Feel”.

“My aim as curator is to offer the fairgoers an alternative viewing perspective within the commercial structure of the fair, highlighting these artists in a thematic exhibition, which will also allow each artist signifcant space to present their work as individuals within the grouping,” Adams comments. “The works selected for this exhibition operate strongly in form and content, with various levels of self refection and relational aesthetics, where they function as a catalyst. I believe this exhibition will allow fairgoers an alternate structure and add more variety to their experience.”

Adams oversees a 2,600-square-foot space in the heart of the fair, an array of freestanding museum-style walls that afford and encourage dialogue between exhibited artists ― as well as a concentrated, curated focus among the traditional booth-style architecture and solo projects of the fair surrounding it.

Commenting further on the visceral process of the assembled artists, sometimes very literally so, as well as preparing viewers for the experience, Adams adds, “‘Something I Can Feel’ is a physically and psychologically textured exhibition exploring elements of provocation. By direct or indirect association, the works will seek to draw emotion and explore the human condition, illuminating our interconnectedness.”



Pier 90



NY 10036