Niall McClelland

Niall McClelland (b.1980)
Lives in Toronto, Canada
Selected Solo Exhibitions
2014“He to Whom the Early Bird Runs Best Learns Wisdom and Knowledge”, Wil Aballe Art Projects, Vancouver, BC, Feb. 2014, solo exhibition
2013The Nature of Your Oppression is the Aesthetic of Our Anger, Toronto, ON
Bruce to Brock and Back, Envoy Enterprises, NY, NY
2012One Tune Outta Turn, Eleanor Harwood Gallery, Toronto, ON
2011Highest Prices Paid for Gold, Clint Roenisch Gallery, Toronto, ON
2010Sabbath Sold Soul, Show & Tell Gallery, Toronto, ON
2009Losers, The Emporium Gallery, Montreal, QB
Selected Group Exhibitions
2014 Sp-Arte InternationalArt Fair, Sao Paulo with Gallery Nosco
Black is a Blind Remembering”, Greenpoint Terminal Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, Dec. 2013
2013SPIT, Leslie St. Spit, Toronto, ON, organized by Aleksander Hardashnakov
“More Than Two (Let it Make Itself)”, The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery, Toronto, ON, Sept.2013, group exhibition
School Nite, New York, NY
2012Trans/Form, Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, Toronto, ON
Material Assumptions, Columbia College, Chicago, IL
Like-Minded, Plug In ICA, Winnipeg, MB
History, Tomorrow Gallery, Toronto, ON, w/Jeremy Jansen
2011Imprecise Geometry, 308at156, New York, NY
Barricades, Nuit Blanche – Financial District, Toronto, ON
Magic for Beginners, P.P.O.W Gallery, NY, NY
Sails, Cubes and Folds, Clint Roenisch Gallery, Toronto, ON
In the Dark: Three Considerations, Eleanor Harwood Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Surface Tension, Malaspina Printmaking, Vancouver, BC
2010Group Exhibition, Part 2, David B Smith Gallery, Denver, CO
2009Black to Back and Light, Clint Roenisch Gallery, Toronto, ON, w/Jeremy Jansen
Group Exhibit, David B Smith Gallery, Denver, CO
2008 Canada Now, Winter Gallery, Toronto, ON
2007Different Strokes, OKOK Gallery, Seattle, WS
You Are Cordially Invited, LE Gallery, Toronto, ON
2006Kindled Spirits, MarkJames Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2004The Worry Hut Social Club, Crying Room Artist Run Center, Vancouver BC