Gallery Nosco was founded in 2007 by Cyril Moumen.

The gallery ethos is about cultural exchanges, running residency programs to further dialogue and enrich the difference between conceptualism, practices, political environments and cultural history in a contemporary art society.

The gallery operates its innovative programme of exhibitions and projects from Marseille – France as well as a variety of carefully selected spaces spanning from Europe and North and South America. The gallery utilizes this freedom to ensure that each exhibition or project venue directly correlates with the vision and aesthetic intention of the artists and curators involved.

Gallery Nosco focuses on emerging contemporary and currently represents international artists such as:

Ibrahim Ahmed (Egypt)
Alberto Casari (Peru)
Paula Cortazar (Mexico)
Steven Day (USA)
Brian House (USA)
Felippe Moraes (Brazil)
Niall McClelland (Canada)
Alejandro Ospina (Columbia)
Yara Pina (Brazil)
TĂșlio Pinto (Brazil)
Peter Pumpler (Germany)
Javier M.Rodriguez (Mexico)
Rodrigo Sassi (Brazil)
Lauren Seiden (USA)
Alexandros Vasmoulakis (Greece)